My Story

Originally from Galway in the west of Ireland, I moved to the UK in 2008

After years of  set-building for film, TV and theatre I was looking for an opportunity to turn my hand to sculpture. The global lockdown provided this chance and I used the time to start building a portfolio and refining a style. I bought a couple of shipping containers, joined them together and turned them into a ‘mobile’ studio. This concept was put to the test when I physically moved the entire studio from Oxforshire to Somerset in 2021. However,  this is not a process I intend to repeat any time soon!

Creative Process

My sculptures draw inspiration from the natural world, for the most part, the British countryside and it’s wildlife. After choosing a subject, posture and scale, I will often produce a concept sketch either on paper or a 3d model.  However, this will only serve as a rough guide as all of my sculptures are created by eye through a process of adding and erasing ‘sketch lines’ until the final form is achieved. This ensures that, regardless, of the subject matter, each piece will always be completley unique. 

Depending on the ‘mood’ of the sculpture I use a variety ‘fonts’ or ‘strokes’. These can be steel round bar, square bar, pre-cut plate or wrought iron components. I then use a mixture of cold bending and hot forging to mould the iron into shape. The final finish will be a forced rust, galvanisation or the beautiful bright orange oxidation of CorTen steel.   


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